Primavera Place: A Suzuki Music School Suzuki Violin Lessons

We hope the your child's experience learning and making music with friends continues form many years.  The teachers of Primavera Place wish for all their students to have the gift of like-long music making.  We look forward to building a community that supports you and your child as he or she develops musical skills.  All teachers are highly trained Suzuki teachers.  We suport Dr. Suzuki's belief that character development goes hand in hand with musical development.

​Students of all ages, races, and genders are welcomed, encouraged and cherished at Primavera Place!

Students receive 32 individual lessons, September-May.  There are 20-21 group lessons during this time.  Group lessons take place at Christ Church Denver on Fridays between 4pm and 6:30pm.  Also included in the school's curriculum are frequent solo and group recitals.

Students are encourage to participate in summer institutes, local workshops, graduation recitals so that they can benefit from the entire Suzuki learning experience.

Individual lessons, group lessons and venue rental for concerts and groups are covered with a monthly tuition spread over 10 months--Sept. through June.  June tuition covers 4 summer lessons.  Lessons beyond the required 4 summer lessons are encouraged and are charged at a per lesson rate. Contact the school for information regarding tuition rates.


Suzuki violin & viola lessons for all ages!